Meet The Dreamer

Your Creative Soul Sister from another mister


Hini J Kisona Mercado

Creator & Founder of Leeora Studio

Hini is a creative entrepreneur who loves to encourage others by sharing her creative passions & thoughts about life, love & her Christian walk through her social media platforms. 

She started this creative business venture with big dreams in her heart that her work will inspire others to go after their God breathed dreams as well with boldness & to put their faith in The Master Designer.

She is a wifey, sister to 9 siblings (yes you read that right), enjoys music, playing the guitar, is a singer song writer, an artist, appreciates all things creative, loves to laugh at her own jokes (self proclaimed pun queen), being in nature, foodie & enjoys time with family & friends.

For more updates on Hini’s creative journey follow her on Instagram @leeora.studio and on Facebook @leeorastudio 

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